Other Applications

Motion and vibration are all around us and the applications for motion energy harvesting are boundless. Besides the industrial applications there are many more opportunities to integrate energy harvesting (e.g., cycling, consumer goods, active RFID, structural health monitoring).

The Kinergizer HiPER-D device harvests motion energy from a wide frequency range and can power sensors and RF communication.
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ambient energy

Possible Applications

condition monitoring

Structural Health Monitoring

Motion Energy harvesters such as HiPER-D could be used to power sensors used for monitoring health of structures such as bridges.

GPS tracking

Active RFID tags

Motion energy harvestors such as HiPER-P could be used to continuously recharge active RFID tag batteries

predictive maintenance


Various sensors(with HiPER-P) and LED lights(HiPER-D) used on bicycles could be powered using energy harvesters