With the easy availability of compact low power electronic devices that can receive and transmit position data, GPS/RFID tracking systems are being widely used to improve operational efficiency and security.

However, changing batteries in these tracking devices or replacing these devices can be difficult as the tracked assets are often dispersed and coordination becomes a bottleneck.

Using HiPER-D as an alternative power source eliminates or reduces the need to change batteries and offer several advantages;

  • Increases the energy budget and enables data sampling rate.
  • Maintenance free, thus much cheaper over the life time of device.
  • Sustainable and environment friendly.
GPS tracking


GPS tracking

Container Tracking

GPS container tracking devices can be powered by harvesting vibrations during container transportation.

condition monitoring

Bicycle tracking

GPS or Radio frequency based antitheft and recovery devices can be powered by harvesting frame vibrations.

Energy Harvesting

HERD Tracking

RFID based animal tracking and health monitoring devices can be powered by harvesting animal motion.