Process Control

The use of wireless sensors for process control has several advantages such as reduced overall costs and ease of installation. However, the inherent compromise between sensor battery life and data sampling rate has hindered widespread adoption of wireless sensor networks for process control.
Our Energy harvesters such as HiPER-D can solve this bottleneck and offer several advantages:
  • Increases energy budget and data sampling rate
  • The hassle of changing the batteries is eliminated or reduced
  • Maintenance free, thus much cheaper over the life time of sensor
  • Sustainable and environment friendly
Process control

Industry Applications

Energy Harvesting

Oil and Gas

Piezoelectric generator

Power generation

predictive maintenance


In the above mentioned sectors energy harvesting devices such as HiPER-D bring energy autonomy to process control functions such as;
  • Temperature measurement
  • Pressure measurement
  • Leakages detection
  • Environmental monitoring