HiPER-D energy harvesting devices convert ambient motion into electricity. HiPER-D provides energy for low power portable electronic devices such as sensors, ID tags, and tracking devices. It provides high added value to your business by removing the maintenance costs for changing batteries and providing the benefits of having an eternal power supply.
ambient energy


HiPER-PM power management module converts AC voltage from the transduction into a useable DC voltage output. This makes HiPER-PM the preferred choice for motion energy harvesting and related applications.
Energy harvesting devices do not always meet peak power requirements of applications directly.  To address this HiPER-PM output can be used as input for external energy storage such as super capacitor or rechargeable battery.

Key features:

  • DC and AC input
  • Regulated output;  3.3V DC
  • Unregulated output;  3.45V – 5.65V DC
  • Easy connection to external super capacitor

If you want to integrate our power management module with your energy harvesting application, please contact us at below link.


HiPER-P combines the advantages of piezo material with our wide bandwidth technology. This next generation offers high power density, operating optimally at random vibrations and low frequencies. It is designed to be cost effective and durable, while a slim design enables application when size is crucial.We are currently testing our prototype device which is 30mm diameter by 10mm height and are very excited about the results which shows possibility to harvest energy up to 200microW. If you would like to be kept updated on our progress or if you have a particular application which you would like to share with us please contact us below.