Motion Energy Harvesting can be used across a wide range of applications. HiPER-D introduces a step-change for industry by enabling the benefits of energy harvesting to be realised in many more locations and environments.

Whether powering wireless sensors or tracking devices, the unique design of HiPER-D changes what is possible.

  • Operates efficiently in real life conditions where frequency of vibration is constantly changing. The harvester can cope with the changing ambient conditions.
  • Can harvest energy at very low frequency whilst maintaining the small HiPER-D size factor


HiPER-D is an electromagnetic device which can output up to 89mW of power as a DC voltage. The proprietary mechanism to achieve the low frequency and wide bandwidth is friction free and maintenance is not required over the 20 year lifetime.

A power management module is incorporated in the device which outputs a regulated 3.3V  or unregulated 3.45-5.65V voltage in the range.

The HiPER-D energy harvester is available to purchase for evaluation purposes. Start your journey towards developing a power autonomous device by getting a quote using the below button.

ambient energy

Wondering how much energy can be harvested from your application?

Measure the potential of motion energy harvesting in your environment for free using our vibration data logging kit.