Asset Condition Monitoring

Forget about changing batteries, providing maintenance or going to remote places to check on your assets. Energy harvesting allows you to focus on your business, reduce costs and operate more efficiently.

In most industries condition monitoring and predictive maintenance have already been proven to bring significant cost savings. Condition monitoring based predictive maintenance reduces overall expenses and downtime.

However, it’s widespread use has been inhibited by the installation costs of wired sensors and the limited battery life of wireless sensors.

Unleash the potential of wireless sensors with Kinergizer Energy Harvesters, so you can worry lesss about asset monitoring, and focus on your business. 

Take better better informed decisions with increased data transmission frequency

Lower operational costs over the lifetime of the sensor

The hassle of changing batteries is eliminated or reduced

Maintenance free

Sustainable and environment friendly

Industry Applications

Rolling Stock Condition Monitoring In Trains

  • Wheel condition monitoring.
  • Axle box condition monitoring
  • Gear box condition Monitoring

Power Generation

  • Gearbox condition monitoring
  • Radial and thrust bearing condition monitoring

Manufacturing And Chemical Processing

  • Conveyor condition Monitoring
  • Pump condition monitoring
  • Motor condition monitoring